Anyone of us has their own wish. It’s either for their selves or for someone else. I heard someone said , “When your first time visit to visit the church your wish will be granted”. And it’s true as long as you believe. 


The first time my wish was granted, when i was in college. We had a tour in Bohol and we visit the old church, i light up the candle and say a little prayer and followed by a wish. My wish then was, “I wish i graduate on time” i took up Hotel and Restaurant Management. And yes i did it. Although i had difficulties on my studies, still i can manage to graduate on time.


When i visited the chapel in Caleruega, my wish was “Sana makaalis na ako this year na sana makapag work na ako sa ibang bansa” then luckily i worked on a cruise ship and I’ve been in different countries. I enjoyed working on a cruise ship because i had the chance to see the world for free and to meet and mingle different nationalities. And be able to experience their culture.


I went to Pangasinan to visit Our Lady of Manaoag Church , i prayed and wish “Na sana makita ko na yung tao na para sa akin at sana magkaroon ako ng baby before i turned 30 years old” because i always end up with the wrong guy. And feeling ko hirap ako magkabuo ng baby.  And my wish was granted, 2015 i met my husband and 2016 i gave birth to a healthy baby boy. 


Some of our wishes came late or unexpected. Wishes do come true especially when you pray really hard and when your heart truly desired. Just keep on believing. 



I’m not into cooking, I’d rather clean the house than to cook. But now that I’m a mom i want to cook for my son. I want to give him healthy food and i love seeing him enjoying eating the food that i prepare for him. Now is the time to practice cooking while he is still a baby. While my little one is sleeping i decided to make a meat loaf or embotido. 

First you need ground pork, chopped carrots, onions, ham, pickles, cheese, raisins, eggs, bread, salt and pepper to taste. Mix all the ingredients in a bowl season with salt and pepper. Place it in aluminum foil. Steam it for about 45minutes to 1hour. Let it cool before slicing. 

You can fry it or steam. Serve with rice.                I make it perfectly looking forward for my next recipe!:D👌👍

My little one inside of me

Every pregnancy is different. Some of soon-to-be-mommas suffer from difficult stage which lead them to bleeding, bed rest etc. I thank god, i don’t experience any of them aside from the usual symptoms of pregnancy is morning sickness. Craving for food was not on my list maybe I’m afraid that my baby inside of me will grow bigger that i can’t hardly push when the time comes, but I’ll make sure i ate healthy foods to give enough nutrients that my baby needs while he’s inside of me. The movements of my little one is one of my favorites during my pregnancy journey. The feeling of somone kicking inside of you tells you that ‘hey mom I’m here, I’m strong.’ When I’m in my last trimester of my pregnancy waiting is really hard. I want to see my son can’t wait to hold him. 

The wait is over, i gave birth last May 15, 2016 3:18am. Giving birth was not easy. I spent 10 hours in labor room it was really painful. I can’t explain what the pain feels like. Every time i touched my tummy it hurts a lot. I scream, shout i don’t care the people inside the room. All i want is the baby to come out. After 1 hour of pushing, finally my baby is out. I heard him cry and that’s the time i fell asleep. And when i saw him when i woke up i thank god for a wonderful blessing indeed.